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Wedding at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose

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Karen Jacot, a Houston lifestyle photographer asked me if I’d like to come along and photograph a wedding with her in New York. Karen is one of the best photographers I know and also happens to be one of my very best friends, so of course the answer was HELL YES!

I stayed with the groomsmen as they got ready in White Oak House near the wedding venue. The wedding took place at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose in Buskirk, New York. Wow. Spectacular, breathtaking, stunning – this barn wedding venue was absolutely amazing. The gorgeous couple, their wonderful friends and family, the beautiful light, the fantastic views… all of it was breathtaking.

White Oak House
White Oak House New York

White Oak House at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose

Historic Barns of Nipmoose Wedding Photographs

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