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Longwood Gardens Engagement Photos

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In preparation for Elizabeth & Marc’s wedding at DuPont Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware this Saturday, I photographed their engagement session at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I’ve included some of my favorite photos here, along with a few shots of their custom engagement guestbook / album! I LOVE LOVE LOVE making these! Why? After their wedding is over, they have a fantastic guestbook that is more than just a logbook of signatures on a page. These are meant to be filled out “yearbook style”. I create them with lots of white space on special art/watercolor paper in a layflat style, so the pages are easier to write on. Friends and family leave heartfelt notes and sentiments that will surely make Elizabeth and Marc smile more than just having a book listing the name of their wedding guests (not to mention that it’s another great reason to look at their beautiful engagement photos!) :)

This post is a sneak peak for them as well, because I’ll be bringing this album along with me to their wedding this weekend. I can’t wait for them to see it in person! :) I’m also super excited to photograph their wedding at the DuPont Country Club, which is one of the most beautiful Delaware wedding venues.

Check back soon for photos from their wedding!

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Free Thank You Note Coloring Page Template

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My daughter was fortunate to receive quite a few Christmas gifts from friends and family. All of these thoughtful gifts deserve an equally thoughtful thank you note. So… I thought. :)

It would be unrealistic for me to make my daughter color a pretty little note for everyone, so I designed one using fonts and vectors I found online (and slightly modified.) I printed it out for her to color and then scanned her newly prettified ‘Thank You’ notes. I sent these off to my favorite printing lab – and yesterday UPS delivered my beautiful thank you notes personalized by my daughter! She loved them and said, “They didn’t even fix it! It’s exactly how I colored!” (What she means is: outside of the lines – which is perfectly fine in our house.) :)

custom thank you notes
kids thank you note coloring page
childrens thank you coloring sheet
personalized thank you card

I thought it would be nice to share my creation with everyone, since I did invest quite a bit of time into putting it all together. So here you go! My Free Thank You Note Template (PDF). Of course I left my daughter’s name out of the PDF. I suggest having your little one fill in this spot by writing their own name. You can print these on regular paper for coloring (8.5 x 11) and then order the colored version as a 5×7 flat thank you note.

The final product could be printed at home on 5×7 cardstock, or you could find a printing lab online to do it for you. I used my preferred professional lab (ProDPI), but in doing a little Google searching, I found that MPix will print DIY 5×7 2-sided greeting cards and they would be my first suggestion.

Another option: I would be happy to customize this with your child’s name, or create an entirely new and personalized design with their name (dinosaurs? hearts? stars? a cartoon of them?) for your child to color. Contact me for a quote of very affordable custom design prices.

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Facebook Banner Image Template (Updated: 4/27/2012)

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Update: As Facebook has a tendency to do, they have made a change that affected the banner template I’ve provided here. The icon image is now slightly larger, but the image inside is slightly smaller, so I have in turn enlarged the icon in my template. However, the new method that Facebook uses does not seem conducive to creating an easy template to work with. Because of Facebook’s tendency to change things without notice (and seemingly often) I will not be able to keep the template updated. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

On March 30th, Facebook’s Timeline will automatically go live for everyone whether they have prepared by switching over their pages ahead of time, or not. For my personal page, I switched long ago and have gotten quite used to Timeline. I actually kind of -like- it, but the opinions I’ve seen among my friends are very mixed.

The new customizable banner image is one of the most obvious and prominent features of Timeline and one that I really love. Yes, yes, it could possibly have the tendency to look a little gaudy and Myspace-ish but if we all keep that in mind and make tasteful/beautiful banners for our pages, we can do our own little part to prevent this from happening. :)

For my personal page, I simply used a photo from my albums, but for my business page, I wanted to do something a little special. Some of my favorite Facebook banners managed to make the icon appear to be a seamless element within the main banner image, so I decided to do a little work in Photoshop and make something similar for myself. My banner/icon integration is very subtle, but with the right selection of photos the look can be even more obvious.

Blonnie Brooks' Custom Facebook Banner

You can view it live on my Facebook Page. Be sure to “like” me while you’re there! :)

I also designed one of these banners for a friend, Neil van Niekerk, who runs a very popular photography tutorial website and he received a lot of positive feedback. Since there seemed to be quite a bit of interest on how I created the banner, I thought it’d be nice if I created a Photoshop template to share. This template and the following instructions should help you create your own Facebook banner with a seamless appearance between the user icon and the Facebook banner itself.

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Trisha & Brandon’s Engagement at Gunpowder Falls State Park – Maryland

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Trisha and Brandon requested Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland as the location for their Fall engagement shoot. From these engagement portraits set against a colorful fall backdrop, we created an the engagement album / wedding guestbook they used during their reception. The wonderful thing about using an engagement album as wedding guestbook is that wedding guests sign the album much like you would a high school yearbook. Instead of merely a book of signatures, you get a book filled with beautiful sentiments and well wishes from your friends and family. This keepsake is something you’ll be more likely to put on your coffee table and reminisce with throughout the years than would be done with a traditional signature based guestbook.

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Engagement Pictures and Wedding Guestbook – Delaware

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Here are a few images of the actual guestbook mentioned in the previous post.

Engagement album guestbooks are a great alternative to the regular wedding sign-in type book of days past. They allow guests to write more of a heartfelt note, rather than a simple signature. They’re also more fun to look at as the years go by. Not only because of the notes/blurbs from loved ones, but also because of the photos! :)

Caleb & Julia's Engagement Album Guestbook

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