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B Family Photos in New Castle County, Delaware

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Back in November I posted one of my favorite photos from my session with this beautiful family in Odessa, Delaware. Doesn’t this little girl have the most beautiful smile, and breathtaking eyes? I think she is the perfect combination of her two parents. I have been excited to post some more favorites from the session, but the Christmas season kept me quite busy (I am so happy to be able to say that.) We had a great time laughing together on this unseasonably warm November day!

Cristy originally found me via a Google Search for “Delaware Wedding Photographer” and I ended up photographing a very special wedding for of a couple of her friends in the very same park that she chose for her family session. Thank you to Cristy for showing me one of Delaware’s beautiful hidden gems.

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Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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Delaware Family Christmas Photos

Every December since December 2006 when my daughter was 6 months old, we have taken her to see Santa Claus at the Christiana Mall here in Delaware. Every.single.year, she has smiled her beautiful smile while sitting happily in Santa’s lap. We now have 7 Christmas photos of her with Santa – all with her wonderfully radiant smile.

As the years pass quickly by, and I watch her growing through these seasonal images, I realize that one day she may no longer care to visit Santa. One year may very well be the last photo I get of her sitting on Santa’s lap (or as was the case this year, sitting beside him, because she is getting too big to sit on his lap!) I won’t realize it that year. I won’t realize at the time, that it will be the last, but it will come, and pass casually by. Moments like these are so important to me and I hope to never forget. But inevitably, I will forget things…. this is one reason why I cherish every single photo I have of Sheridon. Photos taken by me – photos taken by the photo-mill like businesses her school hires for student headshots – cell phone snapshots – and the photos taken by the mall staff of my child sitting happily by Santa’s side. Every single photo contains a potpourri of memories that I hope to always remember every time I glance at those pictures. Especially when I’m a grandmother myself (if Sheridon so chooses) and I see my grandchildren in the very same photos I’ve watched Sheridon growing in through the years.

This Christmas I decided to do something a bit different and stand further away while Sheridon had her yearly visit with Santa. I love how I was able to capture her personality, Santa’s charm, and their tiny interactions that are not usually seen in the standard “photo with Santa.” These are exactly the type of photos I strive to capture during weddings. Photos that show the interaction between two people who are truly interested in one another. The “in between” moments when people are not posing for my camera. The moments when people are genuinely themselves. Photos that show who the people are and not just how they look.

So without further ado, here are a few more photos from Sheridon’s visit with Santa. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the happy moments with your family members, young and old.

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Delaware Family Photographer: Photos with Santa

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Sneak Peak for The B family – Delaware Family Portraits

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I met up with this beautiful family today in Middletown, Delaware to take their annual family photo. This photo stood out to me as a great representation of their genuine and happy smiles.

I am excited to post more from this session. I could tell they were all very comfortable in front of the camera… either that or they did a great job pretending to be. :)

Delaware Family Photographer

Delaware Family Photos in Odessa, Delaware

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Delaware Children’s Portraits – Longwood Gardens

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Sometimes I feel a little weird dressing up as an adult (I’ve been known to do it anyway) but collaborating with my daughter and making her costume every year has become one of our favorite things to do together. In the past, she’s been Winnie the Pooh’s honey pot, Little Red Riding Hood, a gypsy, a witch and last year she was a ghost bride. This summer, she decided that she wanted to be Poison Ivy after having played the Lego: Batman 2 game with my husband and me.

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My Pulchritudinous Daughter – Longwood Gardens Children Portraits

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Have you ever looked through photos and become so overwhelmed with emotion… so overwhelmed with memories and love, that they flood into your heart, crashing with such a force that you can’t hold back the tears that well up into your eyes? I feel that way when I look through these portraits of my daughter. I have never before known love in the way I know love with her. I am sure that the parents reading these words fully understand what I am trying to convey in that simple statement.

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Liz’s All Girl Photo Session

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I took Liz’s pregnancy photos just a couple of months ago, and now I’m happy to followup that post with pictures of her beautiful baby girl. This stunning little one is a perfect match to her two beautiful older siblings, and of course, their gorgeous mother. :)

Since her daughters were on a break from school, I had the opportunity photograph all three and turned the baby portrait session into an all female family session. :)

Delaware Newborn Photos
Delaware Newborn Photographer
Delaware Family Pictures

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Pennsylvania Newborn and Children Portraits + New Logo!

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It’s spring, the grass getting greener by the minute and the trees (well, at least one of the ones in my backyard) are getting buds. Soon, we’ll be seeing actual leaves on the trees here in Delaware. I can’t wait! Personally, I feel that you can’t beat a lovely leafy green backdrop for photos.

Spring has also sprung here on my own website and I’ve officially launched my new logo. This is my third rendition and hopefully my last for quite a while. I was pretty proud of my previous, self-created logo, but it just lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. My new logo was created by Krishna’s Creations and has some awesome qualities that make it more flexible for business use. For example – I really love the new watermark I was able to create using this logo (you can see it on the photos I’ve posted below).

More things that make me happy this spring: brand spankin’ new babies!!

I was very honored to travel to Pennsylvania and do the newborn portraits for an awesome friend of mine. Devon is one of the coolest chics I’ve met since moving up here to the North East from Texas (over 10 years ago! crazy!) and I was so happy for her and her husband when I found out they’d soon be parents. She is actually one of 8 siblings (yes, 8!) , and all of them seem to be equally as kind, welcoming and friendly. One of her sister’s had a baby just a little bit before her, so I was able to do a few pictures of her new baby as well. Not only did I take some pictures of the two shiny newborns, but a couple of the newborns’ cousins also came for the photoshoot. Can you believe the cuteness that abounds in this family? These little one’s parents are all just as beautiful! Next time they’ll have to let me get them in the pictures too. ;)

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