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Elizabeth & Timothy’s Rehoboth Beach Engagement Photos

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Elizabeth and Timothy met me in Rehoboth Beach on a beautiful summer day to talk a bit about their wedding that’s coming up at Salero later this year, and of course – so I could photograph their engagement session! The light was perfect… all of the way from the golden hour right through to blue hour. In a relative small area around the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk we were able to get a wide variety of photos.

Like a lot of couples, Elizabeth and Timothy were worried they wouldn’t know what to do when it came time to be photographed…. of course they were perfect, so cute together and had absolutely nothing to worry about. :)

Elizabeth & Timothy: Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Engagement Session

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Elk Neck State Park Engagement Photos with Tiffany and Jerry

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Tiffany and Jerry had two requests for their engagement session: they wanted to include Jerry’s awesome drag racing Corvette and they also wanted photos on a beach! I was excited to be able to suggest the perfect place for their Maryland engagement photos! Elk Neck State Park in North East, Maryland! I am very familiar with the area, since North East, Maryland is the first place I landed when I moved to the Northeast from Texas. We were able to get a lot of versatility out of the area with so many diverse and beautiful settings! I was so happy we were able to combine things they love and truly capture their personalities and cute interactions in a place where they felt so comfortable.

Besides all of that – isn’t Tiffany kind of like – drop.dead.gorgeous!?

I am excited to photograph their wedding at Swan Harbor Farm in Havre de Grace, Maryland. I’ve worked there in the past when I photographed another wonderful couple’s wedding!

Elk Neck State Park Engagement Session

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Delaware Engagement Photos in Smyrna with Sandy & Brandon

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Delaware Engagement Photos
Delaware Wedding Photographer
Delaware Photographers

Sandy and Brandon wanted me to take their Delaware engagement photos around their home. I loved the idea of photographing an engagement session that was truly unique to them and not just some pretty location we chose as a backdrop. This place has true meaning to them. I photographed their engagement session around their house in Smyrna on their family’s farmland surrounding their home. There have been some crazy days in the Northeast this winter, but we were fortunate to have scheduled this session for a beautiful (and warm-ish) winter day. Thankfully, the pretty white snow was still covering the ground. This is actually the first time I’ve ever done an engagement session in the snow! It did get a little chilly as the sun started to set, so we took the last few photos of the day with the sun falling below the horizon creating a breathtaking watercolor-like sky. Sandy and Brandon are very lucky to have their home surrounded with such a fantastic view of these kind of Delaware sunsets. :)

As you can tell, Sandy and Brandon are big time animal lovers – me too!!! (I think my dog, Violet, charmed Sandy when we first met and I credit her for at least part of the final decision of them deciding to hire me! ;)) We made sure to include Sandy and Brandon’s dog and cats in some of the photos, but I have to admit…. there was also a lot of curious animal photo-bombing going on that none of us had any control over (I kinda loved it.) :p

I’m looking forward their summer wedding which will be held at the Winery at Elk Manor in North East, Maryland.

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Delaware Family Christmas Photos

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My Holiday Open House had to be postponed to the Sunday following it’s originally scheduled date because of an unpredictedly heavy amount of snowfall here in Delaware. Thankfully, Santa was still able to stop by, but it was cutting it awful close since Christmas was around the corner. He is a little busy this time of year!

The deadline for getting family photos taken for Christmas Cards was also fast approaching! In addition to my open house, I’d scheduled a sort of mini-session for that day with my friend Mike Allebach (of Allebach Photography). He and his super cute family decided to venture out into the great white unknown, regardless of the weather, so that I could take their annual Christmas Card family photo! He said the roundtrip was an epic 5 1/2 hours!!!! Personally, I think the photos were worth the drive…. haha!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our quickie session – one of which ended up on his family’s Christmas card. It turns out, falling snow is a pretty awesome setting for photographs – if only I could make it snow on cue! :)

Delaware Family Christmas Card Photos in the Snow

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30th Street Station Engagement Photos

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She proposed with a red pen, and he said yes! :)

T & P were unsure how their relationship would fare after she accepted a job in New York City and he stayed behind at home in Philadelphia. A move like this could make or break a relationship. Would it fizzle and burn out, or would the move fortify their bond? Their uncertainty was quickly replaced with solid understanding between them – their lives were meant to be shared with one another. So one day, after careful planning and coordination with their friends, T proposed in Philadelphia’s Clark Park with a long letter she read to her English major boyfriend. She handed him a red pen as the note concluded, and asked: “Will you do me the extraordinary honor of editing my written correspondence for the rest of your life?” What was his reply? Just as she predicted: “Let me sleep on it and I’ll give you an answer in the morning!

Since much of their lives are spent traveling between New York City and Philadelphia, they decided 30th Street Station would be the perfect setting (indoors and warm) for an engagement session in Philly on a cold November day. After 30th Street we went to Rittenhouse Square for a few shots in the park. It was a bit darker (and colder) than we anticipated, but they were not opposed to snuggling together for warmth for a few more photos.

Philadelphia Engagement Photos at 30th Street Station and Rittenhouse Square

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Brandywine Valley Engagement Session with Kristen & Jason

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Kristen and Jason picked the grounds surrounding my photography studio here in Delaware as the location for their photo session – I was so excited! They are the first couple I’ve had the honor to photograph there! Kristen is very creative and came with some of her own ideas for the shoot as well. We joked about doing a shot of them being chased by zombies in the surrounding scenery. A zombie shot would be very appropriate for Kristen and Jason, since one of their first dates involved being chased by zombies at a haunted house! :)

I think we got some excellent shots even without the zombies. They were naturals in front of the camera and so cute together! I can’t wait for their wedding at Kings Mills in Media, Pennsylvania this summer! :)

Engagement Session in Yorklyn, Delaware

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Announcing My Delaware Photography Studio

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Delaware Photographer

If you follow me on Facebook, you may already be aware that I recently opened a photography studio in the Hockessin / Yorklyn, area of Delaware! I am constantly tweaking the space, but I think it is finally complete enough to make the big official announcement!

The studio is in a building that was once the science lab for the National Vulcanized Fiber Plant in Yorklyn, Delaware. Since the NVF factory closed it’s doors in 2008, the area fell into a bit of disrepair, but is currently undergoing revitalization in partnership with the state of Delaware. You can read more about the improvements and progress for the area on Yorklyn Village’s website detailing their restoration and redevelopment.

Collin O’Mara, DNREC Secretary, says: “This recreational space and redevelopment plan will create a destination for Delaware unlike any other in the country. With the beautiful, historic setting of Yorklyn as a backdrop, we believe the synergy created by the master plan, that includes a trail, an antique car loop, and railroad will make this a uniquely Delaware destination.”

The end vision for the studio was to give it an industrial loft sort of vibe, combined with a bright and airy feel. Much of the contents are recycled pieces reclaimed from the surrounding factory, and even the floor was reclaimed wood from another old factory that was listed for sale on Craigslist. I am so thankful to everyone who helped this all come together – they all know who they are, as I have thanked them profusely and as often as possible. :)

I was so lucky to find this hidden gem of a space filled with beautiful soft, natural lighting. The studio is in a nice tucked away place in the Brandywine Valley area of Delaware, and truly something special with multiple gorgeous backdrops and landscapes at my disposal. I can’t wait to photograph more and more clients in and around the studio. If you’re in the neighborhood, let me know – I love visitors! :)

Be sure to stay tuned this coming week for a special announcement detailing my official studio opening reception in December – with a very important visitor!

Without further ado, I’ll let these pictures speak their thousand words. :)


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Longwood Gardens Engagement Session with Leslie & David

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Longwood Engagement Photos
Philadelphia Engagement Photos
Philly Wedding Photographer

Leslie and David chose Longwood Gardens for their engagement session – as I have mentioned here many times before, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the Brandywine Valley for a portrait session. No matter the weather – it’s always beautiful inside the Longwood Gardens conservatory.

I find engagement sessions to be so important, because it helps my clients experience a little bit of my photography style in a first hand experience in front of the camera. I also love that they can see just how beautiful they are in the resulting photographs, which leads to more confidence and being more relaxed on the most important day – their wedding!

Leslie and David were both a little nervous about getting their photos taken, but as you can see below – the nervousness was for naught. We had a fun time and they were such a naturally cute couple in front of the camera!! :)

Philly Engagement Photos
Longwood Gardens Photographer

Delaware Engagement Photographer

Brandywine Valley Engagement Session in Longwood Gardens

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Maryland Proposal Photographer – Rob & Angela

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2013 marks my fourth year working as a wedding photographer with my friend, Rob Korb. We have photographed around 40 weddings together throughout the past three years (with many more to look forward to this year) so you could say we’ve kind of gotten to know each other. :)

When Rob told me his plans for proposing to his girlfriend, Angela, I was so happy for them both! Angela is kind, beautiful and FUN to be around. They are a wonderful match and the perfect couple. :) THEN — he asked if I would photograph the proposal! OF COURSE I WOULD! Truly – what an honor to photograph a proposal for a photographer whom I respect so much. I’m not sure who was more nervous… me, or Rob. I was so excited for them — I had to make sure I set my shutter speed high enough to compensate for my own trembling and tears.

Rob told Angela that we’d be photographing an engagement session on Assateague Island and I really don’t think she suspected a thing. In fact, she didn’t want to get out of the car, because it was raining! With a little coaxing from Rob, she finally decided to come along. She worried the couple wouldn’t arrive because of the rain and then “it wouldn’t even happen”. Rob assured her: “something will happen.”

Angela walked out to the end of the pier – no couple. I decided to walk toward the entrance…. whadyaknow – no couple! As Angela made her way back to Rob, they peered into the distance, wondering if “the couple” was further away and on another pier. well, the rest you can see in the pictures below. :) After Rob’s successful proposal, he took Angela and myself to Sunset Grille in Ocean City, Maryland for a delicious celebratory lunch and champagne toast (the champagne was graciously provided by the owner of Sunset Grille.)

Congratulations to this beautiful couple and thank you so much for including me in this pivotal moment in your lives. I can’t wait to watch you grow old together. :)

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