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Engagement Pictures and Wedding Guestbook – Delaware

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Here are a few images of the actual guestbook mentioned in the previous post.

Engagement album guestbooks are a great alternative to the regular wedding sign-in type book of days past. They allow guests to write more of a heartfelt note, rather than a simple signature. They’re also more fun to look at as the years go by. Not only because of the notes/blurbs from loved ones, but also because of the photos! :)

Caleb & Julia's Engagement Album Guestbook

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Julia & Caleb’s Engagement Guestbook – Dover, Delaware

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In early April I met Julia and Caleb in Dover, Delaware and we rode around to several interesting locations to take some engagement photos for their wedding guestbook. We had a nice day driving around and stopping at various out of the way places to take photos. When I gave Julia a little sneak peak via Facebook she wrote, “Blonnie—These are sooooo beautiful!!! Wow!! I’m speechless!! Thank you soo much!” I’m so happy she likes them and she seemed equally as happy when she picked up her album today! :)

Below are the spreads from their wedding day guestbook with the images I created from the day. Stay tuned: soon I’ll post some pictures of the actual album after printing. I know they’re both excited (as am I) for their wedding this coming Saturday!

Cover Image
Dover, Delaware Wedding Photography Engagement Guestbook

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Pennsylvania Newborn and Children Portraits + New Logo!

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It’s spring, the grass getting greener by the minute and the trees (well, at least one of the ones in my backyard) are getting buds. Soon, we’ll be seeing actual leaves on the trees here in Delaware. I can’t wait! Personally, I feel that you can’t beat a lovely leafy green backdrop for photos.

Spring has also sprung here on my own website and I’ve officially launched my new logo. This is my third rendition and hopefully my last for quite a while. I was pretty proud of my previous, self-created logo, but it just lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. My new logo was created by Krishna’s Creations and has some awesome qualities that make it more flexible for business use. For example – I really love the new watermark I was able to create using this logo (you can see it on the photos I’ve posted below).

More things that make me happy this spring: brand spankin’ new babies!!

I was very honored to travel to Pennsylvania and do the newborn portraits for an awesome friend of mine. Devon is one of the coolest chics I’ve met since moving up here to the North East from Texas (over 10 years ago! crazy!) and I was so happy for her and her husband when I found out they’d soon be parents. She is actually one of 8 siblings (yes, 8!) , and all of them seem to be equally as kind, welcoming and friendly. One of her sister’s had a baby just a little bit before her, so I was able to do a few pictures of her new baby as well. Not only did I take some pictures of the two shiny newborns, but a couple of the newborns’ cousins also came for the photoshoot. Can you believe the cuteness that abounds in this family? These little one’s parents are all just as beautiful! Next time they’ll have to let me get them in the pictures too. ;)

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Delaware Snow

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Here are a few photos from the snow we got in Delaware last Saturday. Now we’re due for another wallop tonight and tomorrow!! I can’t imagine what it’s all going to look like!

This is definitely the most snow I’ve ever seen. Growing up in Texas, it was a wonder to just see it falling from the sky, much less actually accumulating! Of course, this is the most snow in one season that everyone else here has ever seen as well – as long as the predictions come true.

The previous record was set in the 1995/1996 winter with a measurement of 65.5 inches and we have already gotten to 56.3 inches this year with the latest prediction estimating another 12-18 inches on its way!!

February Snow in Delaware

Our summer picnic table doesn't look very inviting

Sheridon and Ken on her slide

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Imaging USA 2010 – Nashville, TN

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In January I had the privilege of attending Imaging USA in Nashville, TN. Imaging USA is Professional Photographers of America’s (of which, I am a proud member) photography convention and trade show.

While at the conference I had the opportunity to attend many classes on photography and marketing from some of photography’s most successful industry leaders; all of which, were extremely inspiring. The majority of classes I attended were focused on wedding photography, with a few technology, marketing and portrait classes thrown in for good measure.

Here are a few paparazzi photos of photographers I ran into while walking around the tradeshow.

The Bebbs (with funny background expo-attendee) & Allison Rodgers
Steve & Jen Bebb and Allison Rodgers

Celebrity wedding photographer, Joe Buissink
Joe Buissink

California photographer Becker (see my friend Karen’s blog for a picture of his actual face :p)

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